5 Library Must-Haves: This Month’s Top New Books

2014 started off with a bang! Here are our top five picks for the best books released this month:

1. An Infinite Journey: Growing toward Christlikeness by Dr. Andrew Davis

Although this is Andrew Davis’ first major book release, he’s already received endorsements from both D. A. Carson and Tim Challies. This book offers a road map for our internal journey to grow toward Christlike maturity. According to Davis, “I wanted to try to organize major and minor themes of Christian maturity in a pattern that was faithful to Scripture and clear for the reader. I have not seen such an attempt in another book.” Read more about Davis in our special interview with him.

Get An Infinite Journey for only $11.99—that’s 40% off!

2. Happy Wives Club: One Woman’s Worldwide Search for the Secrets of a Great Marriage by Fawn Weaver

Fawn Weaver created the Happy Wives Club with the mission to track down one million wives around the world who are living “happily ever after.” Just four years later, her club has blossomed to 700,000 online members in 110 countries. With connections all over the world, Weaver set out on a journey to talk with couples from different cultures and discover the secrets to wedded bliss.

Six continents and 18 cities later, Weaver has documented all the highs, lows, and new discoveries from her travels in her first book, Happy Wives Club. The book debuted on the New York Times bestseller list and is receiving glowing reviews from fellow Christian bloggers all over the country. This may be Weaver’s first book, but it certainly won’t be her last.

Check out our exclusive interview with Weaver, and get Happy Wives Club for just $10.99.

3. Hyper-Grace: Exposing the Dangers of the Modern Grace Message by Michael L. Brown

Michael Brown’s new book is all about the effects of “hyper-grace”—the quickly spreading trend of “watering down the Bible’s true message of grace.” According to Brown, in looking for freedom from legalism, many churches also end up seeking freedom from God’s standards. Using specific quotes and examples from real pastors and believers, Brown dissects this new “reformation” and examines how it’s harming the church.

His new book is already polarizing believers into those who support his assessment and those who think he’s completely off base. You be the judge: download Hyper-Grace for only $9.59.

4. The Dude’s Guide to Manhood: Finding True Manliness in a World of Counterfeits by Darrin Patrick

Darrin Patrick’s new book has already received praise from big-name authors like John Piper, Rick Warren, and Craig Groeschel. Patrick argues that the modern man isn’t given a clear image of what a real man should be, and without such guidance, those around him—friends, kids, wives, coworkers, and others—suffer. Patrick lays out a blueprint for masculinity, saying, “True manhood takes both the strength to stand up against injustice and the softness to hold our children when they’re scared.”

According to Matt Chandler, author of The Explicit Gospel, “Darrin Patrick leans heavily on the scriptures as he guides us into a healthy view of manhood. This book doesn’t beat you down with all the ways we have failed as men but rather lays out a compelling call to walk in God’s good design for us.”

Discover why so many Christian leaders are praising this book: download The Dude’s Guide to Manhood today!

5. Dating like Airplanes by Caleb Breakey

Caleb Breakey’s follow-up book to his first title, Called to Stay, addresses the question: why just fall in love, when you can fly?

Breakey writes, “This book shows you a new way to do relationships. A way that doesn’t settle for true love’s impostors, but chases after the Creator’s love that never, ever fails. Far-fetched? God only knows how many people told me it was—and they’ll tell you the same. Don’t listen.” By sharing his own personal journey with his wife, Breakey’s new book is witty, realistic, and Christ-focused.

Anyone seeking a biblically based guide to dating in the real world will devour this book. Download Dating like Airplanes for only $7.79.

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