Get 10 Amish Love Stories under $3!

For a limited time, choose from 10 of Beth Wiseman’s Amish love stories for less than $3 per title! Wiseman is a bestselling author, renowned for her Amish romance novels. Through February 3, get these 10 best-selling books for an amazing price—just $2.99 each!

1. The Wonder of Your Love

As a young widow with a newborn, Katie Ann is forced to develop a thick skin. The passing of her husband has filled her life with unresolved hurt and crushed her desire to marry again. She becomes determined to serve as both the father and mother to her young son.  But then Eli visits Colorado, and everything changes. Is Katie Ann ready to open her heart to another man—something she vowed to never do again? And is Eli willing to take on a future that he thought he left behind?

For less than $3, get The Wonder of Your Love, and see how God’s wondrous love always provides—even in the most unexpected and uncanny ways. Download your copy today!

2. His Love Endures Forever

Unplanned pregnancy and rejection have left Danielle with nothing but confusion, hopelessness, and a broken heart. Just when she thinks her situation will force her child’s father to commit to her, she finds out that he has other plans. As Danielle’s dreams begin to crumble, an unlikely friendship with another Amish man, Levi, develops. As her feelings for Levi become more significant than friendship, big decisions have to be made. Will Levi leave his Old Order community to create a fresh start with Danielle and her child?

Read this inspiring story of love, faithfulness, and seeking God’s will. Get His Love Endures Forever for just $2.99 now!

3. Seek Me with All Your Heart

Read the exciting saga between two Amish families who cross paths while moving to Colorado. Both families carry secrets from their past—especially Emily and David. Can David and Emily trust each other with the events from their pasts?

This page-turner will keep you guessing until the end. Don’t miss your chance to get Seek Me with All Your Heart  for only $2.99!

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