The Catalyst Leader: 8 Essentials for Becoming a Change Maker

The Catalyst Leader: 8 Essentials for Becoming a Change Maker is an incredible resource for leaders who want to rise up and take charge. In this book, Brad Lomenick gives eight essentials for being an influential leader. We had a chance to chat with Brad about his book, as well as his vision for young leaders.

1. What is The Catalyst Leader about?

The Catalyst Leader lays out the eight essential traits one must develop to become a change maker and, ultimately, a Catalyst Leader. I hope this book will provide practical leadership answers for a new generation of aspiring leaders who are looking for answers and solutions, not just leadership theory. It’s a practical guide for leading now and leading well—a leadership handbook for the next generation of leaders. The book presents the key essentials that I believe will define our generation’s ability to influence over the next 20–25 years, laying out what it means to be a Catalyst in this generation. The Catalyst Leader is packed with a combination of candid interviews with thought leaders, research with the core leadership community, and overall leadership best practices. A rising generation of leaders needs to be equipped for the task of leadership.

2. Talk about your passion for leaders.
I have a deep passion for helping leaders lead well. It’s what drives me. At Catalyst, we are crazy about gathering, inspiring, and releasing the next wave of leaders who love Jesus and have a burden to be Catalysts in their communities and culture. I believe it’s my stewardship and my responsibility to help these leaders do their jobs well all over the country, and I’m incredibly optimistic about the next wave of leaders who are now stepping into leadership roles. It’s a generation of leaders willing to work their guts outs for something bigger than themselves, willing to work together to accomplish the big vision. This book is about the broader Catalyst movement.

3. What can leaders expect from the book?

The Catalyst Leader provides practical help for all leaders at any stage of their leadership journey, defining what it means to be a Catalyst in this generation and inspiring us all to be true change makers wherever we lead. I believe the book is defining, practical, inspiring, and timely. It provides perspective and practical application that leaders can put into practice immediately. I hope the book is a kick in the pants, a punch in the gut, and a pat on the back. Both challenging and encouraging.

4. Do the leadership essentials in The Catalyst Leader apply differently for older leaders and younger leaders?

The eight essentials for becoming a change maker are applicable to every leader, young or old. But there are some specific responsibilities that younger leaders have to take on, such as the notion that they are called but not yet equipped. This is not as true for older leaders. Also, the way a younger leader views legacy is different.

5. When you look five to ten years down the road, what is your hope for The Catalyst Leader?

I want to see our generation finish well. I want this book to be a timeless resource for a whole new generation of leaders. I hope to see churches, organizations, businesses, nonprofits, and teams use this resource for equipping their leaders. I want to see hundreds of thousands of leaders all over the world leading now, and leading well. My hope is that The Catalyst Leader will create change makers who saturate all areas of our culture, and that a leadership revolution will begin. Ultimately, I want to see the leadership culture transformed.

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