Developing a Lifelong Marriage

A lot of people discount V-Day as just a “Hallmark Holiday.” While the naysayers may be on to something, I still choose to celebrate the day with my wife. I don’t go over the top; I try to keep it simple and focused. I’ll write her a letter, buy her flowers or chocolate, or maybe make a special dinner—who wants to fight the crowds? The key isn’t to focus on one single date, but to continue these acts of simple love and affection throughout the year.

I do all of this to celebrate the love we share, encourage my wife, and continue a lifelong marriage. When over 50% of marriages fail, I think it takes something special—more than a spark: a lasting flame—to keep a marriage going.

A flame needs three things: oxygen, fuel, and a spark. If there isn’t a spark or enough oxygen and fuel, the fire can’t brighten the spirits of those around it. A marriage is very similar, especially for Christians. It needs more than that first spark. If we don’t include God in our marriages, the fire can’t be sustained very long; pride, selfishness, and society will quickly extinguish the flame. If both partners aren’t willing to serve, the marriage will eventually fizzle.

If you feel like your marriage is fading, or you simply want to keep building it up, let me encourage you with two ebooks’ worth of wisdom:
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What are some of the ways you care for your spouse or significant other?

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