A Weekend Full of Dreams

Over my past year with Vyrso, I’ve returned again and again to the thought that the titles we provide and promote leave each reader with a new thought, story, or insight. Each ebook we sell represents not only the possibility of someone finding a new dream, but also the fulfillment of an author’s dream.

This year we’re rolling out a host of Black Friday discounts on thought-provoking, inspirational titles—titles that inspire dreams. And, in partnership with Desiring God, we’re giving away something special: John Piper’s brand-new Good News of Great Joy! Get it here >>

You’ll find some terrific discounts this weekend:

The Church Sign by Anne Robey-Graham—just 99¢
Simple Church by Thorn Rainer & Eric Geiger—just $2.99
The Gospel and Personal Evangelism by Mark Dever—just $2.99
Vertical Church by James MacDonald—just $4.99

Whether you like Vyrso for the Christian living titles or the adventures, join me this weekend in diving into a good Christian ebook. You never know what dream will captivate you!

What ebook has made you dream this year?


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