Save Big on All Charles Stanley Vyrso Ebooks!

Charles Stanley, First Baptist Church Atlanta senior pastor, In Touch Ministries founder and president, and New York Times bestselling author, turned 80 this week. We’ve been celebrating Dr. Stanley’s ministry all week long with a huge sale on all of Charles Stanley’s ebooks on (no coupon code necessary).

What’s more, we’ve discounted the brand-new 46-volume Charles Stanley Collection on, which you can get now for only $80 with coupon code CSCOLLECTION. And we’ve taken 15% off all of Dr. Stanley’s ebooks on Logos with the coupon code CSBDAY80!

Here are just a few of the Stanley gems currently on sale:

Whether you’re getting the new 46-volume Charles Stanley Collection for 91% off, taking 15% off any combination of Stanley’s titles on, or saving 50% on your favorite Stanley ebooks on, you need to act fast. These deals are available only through September 30!

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