Rising Shadows: Exciting Summer Fantasy

What do you do when you’re a young homeschooler and you run out of entertainment at the public library? If you’re Ashley Townsend, you start writing your own stories.

Born in Southern California and raised in Colorado Springs, Ashley began writing as a way to create stories that she would want to read. Now a twenty-year-old college student, Ashley is committed to writing stories that will captivate and delight her readers—and propel them into a deeper relationship with God. You can now download her first Kirkdale Press novel, Rising Shadows, from Vyrso!

Rising Shadows tells the story of Sarah Matthews, a young woman looking for a little summertime adventure. To her surprise, she finds herself trapped in the twelfth century, fighting for the life of her closest companion—and her ticket home—who’s been arrested on charges of witchcraft. But who is she going to rely on to help her: the Shadow, mysterious and heroic or Will, the handsome blacksmith with troubles of his own?

Check out this excerpt from Rising Shadows:

“We have to hide,” the girl whispered urgently, her wide green eyes darting about the foliage.
“What? Why?” Sarah asked, her own eyes roaming the thickness surrounding them. Her stomach began to churn at the thought that these riders might pose some kind of threat—at least enough to cause the girl fear.
“There’s no time,” the girl hissed between her clenched teeth. “Quick! Over here.” She ducked down and dashed to the edge of the clearing opposite the approaching horses, looking like a strange, long-necked bird with her awkward gait. She listened for a moment to the men’s shouts, then frantically motioned for them to follow.
What other choice was there?
With only a brief hesitation, Sarah turned around and grabbed Lilly, who was still frozen in disbelief and confusion, and dashed toward the tree line. She practically had to drag her sibling through the dirt and fallen leaves that littered the ground.
Even in her panic, Sarah couldn’t help feeling amazed. A few minutes ago, she’d been ready to throw Lilly out of her room for seeking company during a thunderstorm, and now her only thought was to get her younger sister to safety. She could feel the adrenaline pumping through her veins as she dove toward the bush the girl had disappeared behind. Lilly remained in the open, dumbstruck. Sarah snatched her hand and yanked her down beside them just as six large horses appeared in the clearing.

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