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Some people want to see their names in lights, but if you’re like me, you’d rather see yours in print (for writing something good). Fortunately for people like us, Logos Bible Software has created a new publishing imprint. It’s called Kirkdale Press, and it is accepting author submissions.

Writing a Story?

You could be the fresh new voice in Christian literature! Kirkdale Press is specifically seeking out Christian storytellers in fiction and nonfiction genres. You’ve got a heartwarming Amish romance novel? Send it to Kirkdale. You wrote a mysterious spiritual thriller? Send it to Kirkdale. You penned down your mother’s advice and want to share it with other parents? Send it to Kirkdale (and get a little something  for Mom as a thank-you for the inspiration).

You wrote a cookbook full of delicious cupcake recipes? Don’t send that to Kirkdale. We’re only taking fiction and nonfiction now—but you can always send us cupcakes!

Authors Love Kirkdale; Kirkdale Loves Them Back

You’ve probably seen titles by Kirkdale authors on Vyrso already. Here’s what they’re telling other authors about us.

“I had no idea how to market my work. . . . But Kirkdale does.  Now my book is being read all over the place, and I love it.”—Naomi Dathan, author of Whither Thou Goest, I Will Go

“From acquisition to editing to publicity, every person I worked with was wonderful. As a new author, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but all of my questions and concerns were addressed, and I was given a great deal of encouragement.”—Lucie Ulrich, author of Broken Vessels

“Kirkdale Press is on the cutting edge. . . . They impressed me right away with their attention to each resource.”—John Bornschein, author of The Front Line: A Prayer Warrior’s Guide to Spiritual Battle (Note: we included Bornschein’s ebook in our National Day of Prayer blog post, and it got lots of attention—more on that later.)

4 Reasons You’ll Love Kirkdale Press

You’ve probably looked at several publishers in your quest to get your book out to the world. Here’s why that search will always end at Kirkdale Press.

  1. Your book will immediately reach an audience. We’ll tell lots of people all about your book. Remember that blog post we did for The Front Line? Imagine what Kirkdale could do for you!
  2. You’ll learn how to market yourself. The experienced Kirkdale team will help you strategize your marketing approach, so you’ll be able to get the word out about your contribution to Christian literature.
  3. Your book will be on Vyrso. Just think: one day, you could go to and see your book featured on the home page! Plus, you’ll be able to read it in Logos 4 as well as on Vyrso apps and Your book will also be available on ereaders such as the Kindle Fire or Nook.
  4. You’ll experience the benefits of Logos and Vyrso’s ebook expertise. We’ve made electronic Christian resources for 20 years. We’ve got developers anticipating new trends in the publishing industry, and we’re keeping on the cutting edge of publishing technology.

You Could Be Kirkdale’s Next Author!

You did the hard work of writing a book—now let’s get your masterpiece out to the world. Kirkdale Press starts accepting submissions today. If you’re ready to publish your Christian fiction or nonfiction, send a query letter to Kirkdale Press.

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