Reason vs. Prayer—Do Christians Really Have to Choose?

The National Day of Prayer has been getting a lot of press this year in conjunction with the National Day of Reason.

Created in 2003 by an alliance of atheist and secular humanist organizations, the National Day of Reason offered an alternative perspective to a nationally recognized day that many feel violates the separation of church and state.

Where the National Day of Reason would set itself up as an alternative to the National Day of Prayer, we at Vyrso would contend that reason isn’t the opposite of prayer. An argument could be made that, in light of many complex and troubling issues nationally and worldwide, prayer might be the most reasonable response.

You don’t have to choose between faith and reason; God wants you to use both. You can be assured of the validity of your beliefs, and Vyrso can help! Check out some of the resources we have to help you give a reason for the hope you have.

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