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Watch this episode of Faithlife Today to get a glimpse of what you’ll find in What I Wish I’d Known:

When talking about the new ebook, Tayler Beede points out it’s loaded with “the best bits of their wisdom condensed into one chapter and you can really glean a lot of wisdom from this one book.”

In What I Wish I’d Known, Kay Arthur, June Hunt, and Liz Curtis Higgs, and others wrestle with some of the biggest lessons they’ve learned over the years and pass their wisdom on to others facing the challenges of ministry. Get it free!


See more interviews and lectures with authors, speakers, and scholars on Faithlife Today, a new video series showcasing powerful insights, biblical inspiration, exclusive interviews, and more—all from your friends at Faithlife.

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Rock and a Heart Place: Sharing Stories on Finding God

Rock and a Heart Place

Today’s guest post is from Ken Mansfield author of Rock a Heart Place—get it today.

Ken Mansfield’s legendary career in the music industry began as a member of the Town Criers, a successful southern California folk group in the early 1960s. From there he moved to executive tenures as US manager of The Beatles’ Apple Records, director at Capitol Records, vice president at MGM Records, and president at Barnaby/CBS Records. Ken also produced the Gaither Vocal Band’s 1991 GRAMMY and Dove Award–winning Homecoming album. Ken is now an ordained minister, a sought-after speaker, and the author of five books including Rock and a Heart Place. He and his wife Connie currently reside in Florida.

I had to be convinced that I should write Rock and a Heart Place.

I knew it would require me to go back and relive times spent wallowing in the pits and mire of my own past. I had to embrace the challenge of sitting down with some famous friends and associates and ask them to bear their souls, tell their stories and describe what happens out there in the world of fame and notoriety. I was amazed at how deeply they shared their journeys.

There was a uniqueness and a commonality in every story. They didn’t start in the same place, but they definitely ended up in the one place they needed to be—in the arms of our Father, His Son, and the Holy Spirit.

What transpired in putting this book together was a gathering of an unusual gang of ragged saints—people who already have the feeling of being overexposed and intruded upon to the point of wanting to crawl inside their amps and pull the plug.

One of the reasons it was hard for them to share their stories is because in order to tell the reader how blessed they are now, they had to deliver the contrast of their past in order to have it make any sense.

Most of us probably did our best work when we were young and didn’t know any better. I don’t think any of us realized during the early years, the foundations we were laying, the importance of the relationships we were developing, or just how meaningful our passions were at that time. We told our stories and made music because we loved it. [Click to tweet!] We would have done it anyway and would still be doing it regardless if we ever made a dime or not.

Some did get real good and as abilities and acceptance blossomed, many were thrust into adventures never imagined. Yes, there were some train wrecks and as philosophers have said, “It is the journey and not the destination,” that is our reward. I would like to deftly offer that the origins of the journey are equally delectable.

Over time we mellowed and locked into a little tighter and more secure groove, discovering that the memories and peoples of our beginnings are some of our greatest treasures. From whence we came granted us revelation and now in these “later years” we remember who we once were and the innocence of what we were all about when we set out on that journey. Fences have been mended and walls torn down, allowing us to see how special it all was.

We see those days, those people and those places for what they were and the purity of it all. We hadn’t become complicated yet and could pretty much take things and each other at face value. When the only thing we had when we were young was our love of music, we didn’t have to worry about people taking anything from us other than an occasional good idea.

The dear people in this book were unknowing embryonic spokes in a melodic wheel of spinning rhythmic fantasies that actually created whole new genres of music. I am amazed, not so much as to how much music these people have made, but how loud and long the echoes have reverberated through the hearts and souls of so many people in the succeeding decades.

Today these artists sometimes carry their Strats and Yamahas in their hearts instead of anvil cases. In Rock and a Heart Place they blessed us by picking these pages to step out on the stage of life, beautifully unplugged, each one giving of their time and their goodness, to share their souls and soul mates, to bare their years and tears, and tell of their travels and testimonies.

It all started with songs and stories that somewhere along the way turned into personal hymns and impassioned witness.

We found our true Father in places we thought he would never visit [Click to tweet!], and though it was tough for a while, he led us safely out and we feel good about that now. There will always be special things we will miss about those days. But we’ll see them again at the biggest music festival, the greatest worship service of all time, singing together in his eternal choir.

God is The Rock and through the heartfelt stories of the people in this unique book, I pray you will find a place for him in your heart.


Learn more about Ken Mansfield, his collegues, and their life-changing stories in the ebook Rock and a Heartplace—add it to your Vyrso library today.

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Why R.C. Sproul Believes Every Concerned American Should Read This Book

The Other Worldview

A cataclysmic change has occurred over the past few decades: our culture as a whole has switched worldviews. Today’s predominate worldview has abandoned the distinction between God and his creation, instead asserting that everything is essentially one. What should Christians think about this?

In his new book, The Other Worldview, Peter Jones explains the difference between what he calls “Oneism” and “Twoism.” He exposes the pagan roots of Oneism, and he traces its spread and influence throughout Western culture. Most importantly, he shows us why Oneism is incapable of saving anyone or truly changing the world for the better.

Pre-order The Other Worldview today.




R.C. Sproul so strongly supports the message of The Other Worldview that he wrote the foreword to the book.

Here’s an excerpt of what he had to say about it:

We have seen the noonday sun reveal the destruction of the sanctity of life, the sanctity of marriage, the sanctity of sex, and the sanctity of the sacred itself. The culture is not merely post-Christian and postmodern. It has become not only neopagan, but neo-barbarian.

Ideas have consequences. The ideas of the New Age, of our age, have their roots in ancient Gnosticism. That particular philosophy embraced a form of pantheism or monism: God is ‘the One’—the sum of everything. All is God, and God is all.

Of course if everything is God, then nothing is God. The very word ‘God’ can point to nothing individuated from everything. It becomes a meaningless, unintelligible word.

Peter Jones has labored to show the distinction and impact of a zeitgeist of Oneism (monism) versus Twoism (duality). The Twoism of which Dr. Jones speaks is not an ancient form of dualism which embraced equal and opposite forces of good and evil. No, it is a cosmic duality that sees—sharply and vividly—the distinction between creature and Creator, and the relationship between the two.

This is not a simple problem of arithmetic wherein we learn to count from one to two. These numbers have suffixes. The suffix -ism is added to the one and the two. The suffix -ism adds to a simple number an entire worldview or philosophical standpoint embraced by either.

Dr. Jones provides for us a clear map. This map traces the historical paths, the philosophical routes, and the cultural lanes that have brought us to the Age of Aquarius. It is a must-read for every concerned American—and especially for every Christian who weeps at the graveside of his culture.

The Other Worldview is currently available for pre-order, and you can get it on sale for $9.99.

Pre-order today and save!

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A Prayer for Those Serving

While My Soldier Serves

This Memorial Day, as we take time to reflect and remember the fallen, those serving, and the loved ones left behind, Vyrso is offering a prayer for joy in a soldier’s time abroad.

You can find many prayers for soldiers, including this one in the ebook While My Soldier Serves: Prayers for Those with Loved Ones in the Military.

Dear Lord, I know my loved one is experiencing things I can’t even imagine. Just the phrase “horrors of war” strikes such fear in my heart for him. My prayer today is that he can look beyond his circumstances and find joy. Not the stuff that’s fleeting but a deep abiding feeling that will carry him through the dark times.

Let him see the love we have for him here at home. Give him the certainty that what he’s doing is for a greater good, even if at times it seems pointless. Show him that his sacrifice has meaning.

Let him see You at work around him. Surround him with friends and buddies. Let them laugh together, and spend time cutting up and, yes, even playing. Show him glimpses of the difference he’s making in this world.

Surprise him with meaningful communication from home. Show him that he’s not forgotten and instead is missed and already celebrated for the hero he is.

Lord, only You can accomplish these things, and although it scares me to ask, I believe You can do this. I know You love my loved one even more than I do, and You will honor this plea. Amen

“You give him blessings forever; You cheer him with joy in Your presence.”—Psalm 21:6 HCSB


Excerpted from While My Soldier Serves by Edie Melson © 2015. Published by Worthy Publishing, a division of Worthy Media, Inc., Brentwood, TN. Used by permission. Tell us what you thought of this excerpt on Twitter: #SoldierServes @WorthyPub

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Heartfelt: An Interview with Dr. Joneal Kirby (Part 2)

Dr. Joneal Kirby

Today we are continuing our exclusive two-part interview with Dr. Joneal Kirby, author of the new ebook Heartfelt: A Woman’s Guide to Creating Meaningful Friendships, recently released by Worthy Publishing. Heartfelt takes a look at the importance of inter-generational relationships for women in the church, and how women can begin to develop deep friendships with other women.

In Heartfelt, you write that the ultimate goal of the book is for the reader, “to understand what it means to be vulnerable and relational, so the wise women in your life can reach into your heart and help you.” What are some major roadblocks that stop women from being truly vulnerable with one another?

This is the evil one’s great trap for women. “Don’t be real. Hide who you really are. Because no one will like the authentic, natural person you are.” Women begin this hiding as girls, early as pre-adolescence and it hits hard in the middle school years and we continue to become good at wearing masks as we mature into adults. In addition to society, Church has not been a safe place for many of us. The expectation of “being good” “doing good” “be on your best behavior” that children hear about church life is unfortunately one that many churches reinforce in their social culture.

A lot of Christian women don’t think it’s a smart move to really share feelings, struggles, hurts, pains, and sins. We wear our masks to the church building and don’t really get it that we are all needing the Cross!  None of us have any special favors from God. His mercy and forgiveness is for all.

Churches need to create intimate spaces, small groups – safe prayer groups, Bible study sessions, counseling and conversation groups – where their members know they are loved on, cared for, befriended and it is safe to be real with your struggles, hurts, doubts, fears, worries, mess-ups and mistakes. Safe places for healing of all the hurts, bad habits and kooky hang-ups that every human being alive lives with!

And women need to be led in this and be leaders in this movement of vulnerability and authenticity. There’s no place for gossip, back-biting, racism, husband/wife/mom-bashing in God’s Kingdom. [Click to Tweet!] We need to love ourselves – and one another – as sinners who are dead without that Cross.

In your personal life, how have you been impacted by cross-generational relationships between women? 

My personal history of godly women speaking into my life began in my own family through the influence of my grandmothers, who were both faith-filled, precious women. I was very close to my maternal grandmother and loved hearing her sing the old hymns and cannot remember a time when her Bible wasn’t open in her house. My mother is my greatest example of walking out a Christian life. I still want to be like her when I grow up!

I was doubly blessed because I had them and then when I married right out of college, God gave me some of the most wonderful friends who were 10-20 years older than I was. These women were part of the church my husband and I joined right after our wedding and we moved to a new town to new jobs. As a young woman in my twenties, I spent a great deal of time in these “older” women’s homes and just hanging out with them and their families. They were willing, lovely friends to me.

Perhaps the memory  I cherish most of these dozen women is remembering they were the ones who encouraged me to teach my first women’s Bible study (even tutoring me through the prep) and my first speaking engagement at a women’s conference was created by them.

Some younger women struggle to have authentic relationships with older women in their church communities. Do you have any specific advice to offer to encourage these young women in their journey?

First pray for a relationship with an older, wiser godly woman in your church or community.

Then seek out getting to know them personally. Ask with a humble heart for help with a particular challenge you are having for some wisdom and advice. This will allow you to hear this woman’s heart to see if she is one you can learn from and grow through a relationship with. If she has never been a mentor and isn’t sure what that looks like, suggest you study together, either a Bible study book or a book on mentoring, like Heartfelt. Do not assume because a woman seems shy, or busy, or uninterested that she is. She may be feeling like you. She may even think you don’t like her!

Older women may also find it hard to connect with the younger women in their congregation. What suggestions do you have for older women looking to build relationships with younger women in their church?

Get to know the younger women. Become a friend. Ask to help with their children. Or to take them to lunch or dinner as a “mom’s day out” event. Have a personal Bible study with a few of them in your home. Bringing them into your most personal space – your home –immediately sets a friendly tone.

Hospitality in your home says without words, “I like you. I want to be your friend. I accept you and want you here with me.”  Begin a small group women’s Bible study with some women your age and a few younger women. Start a Heartfelt Friends ministry in your church—you’ll share this message soon with hundreds of women who have a heart for deep meaningful connections!

Towards the end of Heartfelt, you admit to the reader that, “Mentoring is not always easy, but it should always be intentional”. In what ways can women seek to intentionally mentor one another?

Seek this ministry with prayer and an open heart. Mentoring costs. It means you are going to get to know people who are not like you. It means you will spend some time with someone other than your best friends and closest family. Approach mentoring as you would any other service in the Kingdom- with hands and hearts open to God’s leading. Seek His purpose and passion and plan for your life’s work. [Click to Tweet!] Telling your story of God’s love, sharing your salvation story, telling of how your marriage survived because you didn’t give up and God didn’t give up on you, strengthens a younger struggling wife.

Seek out a younger woman. Notice someone struggling. You don’t have to have a counseling degree. Or even be great at anything! Just love on her. Care for her. Be her friend. And pay attention as God gives you opportunities to teach, train, guide and nourish her soul.

Do you see any new opportunities around the horizon for the Heartfelt ministries?

Many. My phone, email, and snail mail are full and ripe with opportunities to go and share about Titus 2 mentoring. I am so thankful for this blessing. I am totally convinced God has prepared me and this ministry for such a time as this.

I am hearing a hunger for relationships that matter among the women of God like I have never before. And the acceptance by church leaders for women’s ministry programs is greater than it has ever been. Many vital, dynamic churches are searching for quality plans to help their women to grow in the Lord and to deepen their relationships in the church.

What’s next for you? 

I feel a call on my life and my Kingdom service to speak and teach how to live out this scripture for the rest of my days. So I am planning a speaking schedule to Conferences, traveling where I am asked to train churches, and building a team of leaders to help continue building a legacy of generational faith passing ministries.

I have ten years of Bible studies I’ve prepared for use by women’s small groups I hope to have published in the next few years. I also host a daily radio program and if God opens doors in more communities for this ministry I will be blessed to continue this.

My love for marriage ministry will never diminish and my husband and I are planning soon to launch a new format of marriage conferences with Alan and Lisa Robertson. I trust God will tell me if there’s more he wants me to do.

Oh, and I plan to play with my grandkids a lot. And teach them a lot about Jesus.


Get Dr. Joneal Kirby’s ebook, Heartfelt: A Woman’s Guide to Creating Meaningful Friendships, and check out great new titles from Worthy Publishing today. 

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Heartfelt: An Interview with Dr. Joneal Kirby (Part 1)

Dr. Joneal Kirby

Today we will be sharing the first of a two-part interview with Dr. Joneal Kirby, author of the new ebook Heartfelt: A Woman’s Guide to Creating Meaningful Friendships, recently released by Worthy Publishing. Heartfelt takes a look at the importance of inter-generational relationships for women in the church, and how women can begin to develop deep friendships with other women.


You have an impressive resume of accomplishments—your books and career in counseling have made a huge impact on thousands of women. Tell us more about the everyday you.

I am blessed to enjoy a close relationship with all of my children. They are busy, faith-filled, godly people. And God has blessed them with amazing mates and children. I am so proud of them and who they are and am humbled by the fact they are so much more than I ever was at their young ages.

My husband and I are the closest of friends and we have worked hard to build a lifetime love in our marriage. We certainly do not do it perfectly and some days not even well. But we love Jesus Christ and embraced on our wedding day that our love for Christ would always be the foundation of our covenant love. I think our marriage is even stronger and healthier because we have done marriage ministry together for almost 20 years. That will keep you on your toes!

My husband and I enjoy 40 years of marriage, 130 acres of rolling hills and woods which we share with our daughter and her husband and children, and are planning on staying healthy and strong so we can do our marriage ministry together and I can continue traveling to teach women’s ministry workshops.

Were there any major life events that inspired you to write your book, Heartfelt: A Woman’s Guide to Creating Meaningful Friendships?

I’ve been doing women’s ministry for over 30 years. I wrote and developed our women’s ministry, now known as Heartfelt Friends, then it was Heart to Home, in 2003 just for my church. I knew we needed some way to connect the bright, eager, growing and yet less mature young women in our church with the vitality, faithfulness, and wisdom of our older women.

Titus 2 created a fire and passion in me to carry out verses 3-5 in our church. I wrote a program, a PowerPoint and a training manual that I could take with me and for the last 12 years, I’ve traveled all over the country teaching in churches and workshops and conferences.

Missy Robertson and Kay Robertson, of Duck Dynasty, are members of our church and have participated in Heartfelt Friends since the beginning. Missy Robertson and Kay decided to have a women’s conference, then at this women’s conference we’d have the opportunity to share our women’s ministry. In the planning days of the conference, the ministry and I attracted the interest of Worthy Publishing and together we shaped and wrote Heartfelt.

Heartfelt challenges readers to either join or create a Titus 2 ministry—why is it important for women to learn to open up their homes and hearts and experience a Titus 2 ministry?

There is nothing that builds closeness, unity, fellowship, intimacy and true loving feelings like having folks in your home.

Women crave these kind of deep connections and relationships, but we do not have time in our busy lives to do this routinely without a PLAN! A program with consistency, guidelines, structure, and intentionality helps everyone to get this scripture out of their heads and hearts and into their hands. It’s important that church leaders take this plan seriously, just as they do their children’s ministries, men’s ministries, leadership trainings and other discipling programs in their churches.

We need this program to encourage the passing of faith from the older generation to the younger. We older people need the energy, courage and openness of the younger people to help us stay focused and passionate for God. We need these cross- generational relationships like we need air! [Click to Tweet!]

Why do you think so few women follow the calling in Titus 2:3-5, to teach what is good and to train young women to love and follow the Lord? What can church communities do to make sure this calling is not forgotten?

I have asked this question hundreds of times. In fact, I just asked it to a group of women last night when I was training them to become Titus 2 Mentors. There are probably one hundred answers to it also. What I believe some of the main causes for reluctance or avoidance of being a Titus 2 woman is a lack of understanding of what it means and what that would look like if you did it in the year 2015.

We no longer live as we did in America for hundreds of years when we lived in communities that were stable and consistent and which included much of your own family. Women are not spending the majority of their day thinking, planning and focusing on their families and their homes as women had done for centuries. The church has been fairly silent, I believe, on how to intersect the life of the modern woman with the Biblical tradition in a way that makes sense to an entire generation.

That’s why I believe having a structured plan for churches to implement is so needed. It’s more than helpful. It’s a program and a functional way to teach mentoring the younger generations in faith and family.

I know these facts: Women want to serve. Women want relationships. Women want to learn of God together. Women want to support one another. [Click to Tweet!] But most, I’ve found, do not have any way of doing this in a routine, organized, intentional way. That’s why I believe Heartfelt feels so nice and hits a tender spot in women’s hearts when they learn of its message and its method.

You include stories from Missy and Kay Robertson, in what ways have they been involved in Heartfelt ministries?

I have been so blessed to minister with Kay for about twenty years to many young women in our church and community.

Kay is a terrific Heart Mom and has been doing mentoring before the word was ever mentioned in a church setting. She has a deep love for helping anyone who is hurting. She is a genuine, caring friend to many and she has supported our ministry and me since the beginning of Heart to Home.

Missy has grown up at our church and in our Titus 2 mentoring program. She was a young wife, young mom, with 3 children when she started coming to our small groups. Missy has been in my group several times over the years, and her love and commitment to soaking up the wisdom of the “senior saints” is very deep and true.

I am very grateful for Missy and Kay’s love of Titus 2 ministry and beyond blessed by their love and support over the years. We are very close friends and have served in our church together in many different ways.


Get Dr. Joneal Kirby’s ebook, Heartfelt: A Woman’s Guide to Creating Meaningful Friendships, and check out great new titles from Worthy Publishing today. Check back tomorrow for part two of our interview with Dr. Joneal Kirby.

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Get Bible Reading Plans with the Free Vyrso App

Discover a space dedicated to bringing you one of the best Christian ereading experiences when you download the Vyrso app.

Vyrso has it all to make your Christian ereading experience even better! [Click to tweet!]

From convenient one-touch Bible references as you read devotionals and Christian living ebooks to letting you jump into another world as you read your favorite Christian fiction novels to choosing from a  variety of pre-loaded Bible reading plans and access to an ESV Bible.

The Vyrso app was created so that you can easily spend time in the Word. It automatically syncs your ebooks, notes, and reading plans across all your mobile devices no matter where you go.

Get more out of your daily Bible reading.

Vyrso’s reading plans are centered around Biblical topics and themes. You’ll be sent to passages on relevant topics and discover what the Bible has to say on topics like marriage, faith, promises, and more.

Pick out a preset Vyrso reading plan today:

1. From the homepage, locate the “Today’s Readings” section.

2. Tap the + Add Item icon.

Reading Plans Tutorial 1

3. Choose “Bible Reading Plan”.

4. Tap “New Reading Plan”.

5. Select Private or Group Reading Plan.

6. Select a plan preset from the list.

Reading Plans Tutorial 2

Vyrso let’s you stay in the Word daily! Download the Vyrso app today and you’ll find the joys of Christian ereading right at your fingertips.


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From Elizabeth George: Your Number One Human Relationship

A Woman After God's Own Heart

Elizabeth George is a Christian writer, teacher, and popular public speaker. She has written over 21 books mainly aimed at Christian women, focusing on Christian living and personal Bible study.  Her titles are geared to help women remain focused on God’s truths for them along with real-life applications.  

Check out this excerpt from the chapter “A Heart that Loves—Part 1,” in Elizabeth Geoerge’s title, A Woman After God’s Own Heart. Through May 30, you can get this ebook plus 17 more devotionals and study guides from Elizabeth George in the Elizabeth George Bundle for $69.99 and save 65%!

How can a wife nurture a heart of love, a heart prepared to support her husband in practical ways “until death us do part”?

Decide to make your husband your Number One human relationship—Our relationship with our husband is meant to be more important than the relationships we enjoy with our parents, friends, a good neighbor, a brother or sister, a best friend, and even our children—and the way we use our time should reflect that ranking.

I learned a lot about this kind of decision while reading a book written by a mother and her married daughter, Jill Briscoe and Judy Golz. Right before her daughter was married, Jill sat her down and told her that once she was married, she couldn’t come running home and she was no longer to be dependent on her parents for anything.

Then the daughter wrote: “When [Greg and I] were first married, I almost automatically reached for the telephone whenever I had a certain problem or very good news to share. Usually before I finished dialing your number, Mom, I realized what I was doing, and I made sure Greg knew about it first before calling you.”

Judy also asked her mother, “Do you remember the time Greg and I had a newly married tiff and I called you in tears? The first thing you said to me was, ‘Judy, does Greg know you are calling me?’”

I say, “Bravo!” to this mother who voluntarily stepped out of a Number One relationship with her daughter and showed her the way to make her husband her new Number One human relationship! After all, God said that we are to “leave and cleave”—to leave our parents and cleave to our mate (Genesis 2:24). When parents are overly involved in a child’s marriage, problems can arise.

In Building a Great Marriage, author Anne Ortlund suggests that couples consider signing an agreement that spells out the status between marriage partners and parents. She suggests the wording might go something like this: “I am no longer accountable to obey my parents. I am freed from that authority, to be bound, joyfully and securely, to my mate.” A pastor I know includes vows for the parents during the wedding ceremony: They basically vow to stay out of the new couple’s marriage!

Whenever I counsel a young married woman, I enthusiastically encourage her to talk to her mother and mother-in-law about recipes, skills, crafts, interests, the Bible, and spiritual growth. But I am emphatic when I say not to talk to either woman about her husband. (And that works the other way, too. Mothers and mothers-in-law shouldn’t be discussing their husbands with their daughters and daughters-in-law.)

To make your husband Number One will take some work as you deal with drop-in parents, learn not to plan things with either set of parents (or anyone else for that matter) without asking Mr. Number One first, and handle expectations (“Of course you’ll be spending Christmas with us?. . .Or coming over every Sunday?. . .Or calling every day?”). Your husband is to be Number One in your life (after God)—and he needs to know it. [Click to tweet!] And everyone else needs to know it too.

Begin to choose your husband over all other human relationships—Again, this includes your children. Two psychologists stated, “The point at which many marriages jump the track is in over-investing in children and under-investing in the marriage.”


Elizabeth George’s ebook, A Woman After God’s Own Heart is available with 17 other titles that focus on spiritual growth as a woman, wife, and mother in the Elizabeth George Bundle—on sale for $69.99 through May 30

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Take Notes in Your Ebook with the Free Vyrso App

The free Vyrso app is a great tool to enhance your Christian reading experience.

Vyrso offers over 6,000 titles on Christian living. One of my favorite parts about reading these titles in my Vyrso app is that I’m able to highlight and take notes on specific quotes.

Gone are the days of having to flip through pages to find highlighted sections or even having to scroll through my ebook hoping to find my highlights and notes.

When I take notes with the Vyrso app, I don’t have to worry about losing them—the Vyrso app not only keeps all of my notes in one place where they’re easy to find, but I can see highlighted sections in individual ebooks I’m reading.

Here’s how you can highlight important quotes, write notes, and find them with ease in the Vyrso app:

1. Start by tapping and holding a word at the beginning of the quote, then drag your finger across the text to begin highlighting and lift it in order to stop highlighting the text.

2. After the text is highlighted you will be prompted to Copy, Share, Highlight, or Note the specific selection of text. In this example we want to add a specific note to the text selection, so you would tap, “Note.”

Highlighting Tutorial

3. When your note opens, the “Note Title” will be pre-filled with the selected text, but can be changed as needed.

4. Enter in your personal thoughts and notes in the blank note field (below the Note Title).

Highlight Tutorial

5. Next select the “Document” that you wish to store this note in. Documents are a great way to organize notes and highlighted sections of your ebooks. Simply tap on the document name to bring up your list of documents or create a new Document by tapping on the “+” symbol

6. When you’re finished, simply tap “Done” and the note editor will close. You will be able to view the note in the ebook.

 Highlighting Tutorial

7. If you’re looking for a specific note, but don’t want to scroll through your entire resource, you can access your notes document by tapping, “More” in the bottom right and then selecting the “Notes” option.

Highlighting Tutorial


Get the free Vyrso app today!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

“An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels. The heart of her husband trusts in her, and he will have no lack of gain. She does him good, and not harm, all the days of her life . . . Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: “Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all.” Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised. Give her of the fruit of her hands, and let her works praise her in the gates.” —Proverbs 31:10-31, ESV

This Mother’s Day, don’t forget to take the time to thank the moms you know—including your own!—for all that they do.

Identify the Proverbs 31 women in your life—maybe it’s the busy mother, a soon-to-be mother, a new mom, or maybe it’s the woman who acts like a mother to you who supports you. Whoever she is, she demonstrates true beauty and value through her love for the Lord and those around her.

Watch and share this encouraging video with those you love and the women in your life:

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