Advent Reflections: Anticipating All of Jesus During Advent


Today’s advent post is by Scott James, an elder at The Church at Brook Hills and the author of the advent devotional, The Expected One. Scott serves in the children and youth ministries at Brook Hills and is passionate about helping families grow together in Christ. 

For many people, the weeks leading up to Christmas serve as a rich time of spiritual reflection. The glorious truth of Jesus’ first advent—or coming—is certainly a worthy subject to meditate upon, especially during this time of year. In keeping with the spirit of the season, a common tendency is to focus our devotions exclusively on the nativity scene. But the incarnation is not intended to be viewed with tunnel vision. The glory of the nativity shines brightest when it is held within the larger context of redemptive history.

As we allow the whole counsel of Scripture to guide our devotional thoughts during the Advent season, we see that this holistic view of the incarnation is exactly what God communicated to his people from the beginning. Every Christmas, those excellent Old Testament prophecies pointing directly to the birth of Jesus are highlighted and celebrated (and rightly so!), but if we look further we’ll also see that God’s promises concerning his son were much more extensive:

“God didn’t just promise His people that a miracle child would be born. He also promised that this Child would grow up to be the loving Shepherd of His people, the place-switching Sacrifice, the resurrected Lord, and the righteous King who reigns in glory forever.”

The Expected One

The Old Testament is full of signs, types, shadows, and outright proclamations that come together to paint a multi-faceted picture of the person and work of Christ. By celebrating his birth in conjunction with these wonderful truths, we will appreciate it all the more. On the other hand, if we compartmentalize the truth of the incarnation we will actually diminish its brilliance. The nativity is best celebrated when found in the shadow of the cross. [Click to tweet!]

This Christmas, may your time in the Word lead you to dwell richly on the many promises that God gave concerning his son, the Messiah. By keeping the larger scope of Christ’s redemptive work in mind, you’ll find your heart better prepared to celebrate his miraculous birth for all that it’s worth.

Ultimately, the anticipation that is so readily brought to the surface during Advent reminds us that we are not merely concerned with redemptive history; we also eagerly await a redemptive future:

“There is yet another promise: this King is coming back for His people! As we celebrate the first coming of the Expected One during Advent, let’s also look forward in hopeful anticipation of His second coming. Let’s keep in mind the whole picture of who Jesus is, worshiping Him as the fulfillment of all of God’s promises to us, ‘For every one of God’s promises is “Yes” in Him’ (2 Cor. 1:20).”

The Expected One


Italicized portions excerpted from The Expected One: Anticipating All of Jesus in the Advent by Scott James (B&H Publishing Group, 2014)

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Parenting Rule: Get on Your Knees and Make a Batch of Cookies

Parenting Rules

Today’s guest post is by Ryan O’Quinn actor, comedian, and author of the new ebook, Parenting Rules! His family-friendly, everyman approach to comedy gives him a unique voice to say exactly what most people are thinking. You can get his Parenting Rules! exclusively on Vyrso for just $2.99 through Thursday, December 4.

I was upstairs working in my home office when a blood-curling scream came from downstairs.

As a parent to small kids you hear screams all day long and shortly into parenthood you learn to distinguish the difference between “good screams” and “bad screams.” The good ones have about the same high pitch frequency as the bad ones but laughs and giggles will soon follow. The bad ones mean it’s time to stop what you are doing immediately and race to the scene of the soon-to-be crime to prevent bodily harm.

When I heard the scream, my brain did that Terminator-like thing where it paused, processed the volume, pitch and frequency of the noise coming from the four-year-old and decided it was time to run. It was there at the base of the stairs that I assessed the problem. The five-year-old was holding nothing above her head. Yes, you read that correctly. She was standing with her hand poised above her head holding absolutely nothing with a defiant smirk on her face while her younger sister begged for what she had in her empty hand.

Following some quick interrogation I learned that the older sibling did indeed possess something valuable . . . invisible cookies!

It’s this point in the story I shall reveal one of my parenting rules—you must always approach parenting with a sense of humor. In my book, Parenting Rules! The Hilarious Handbook for Surviving Parenthood I describe 150 rules you can count on happening to you as a parent. The things we do as parents often make absolutely no sense whatsoever. You get so accustomed to the insanity you often don’t realize just how ridiculous it is.

Well, that’s why I’m here. To remind you that, yes, it is crazy and that you are not alone! Time is one thing that we parents rarely have. But once in a while you just have to stop, evaluate the whole situation, and laugh about it.

Back to the story. My five-year-old ran the opposite direction with the invisible cookie. The four-year-old chased her down, tackled her, took the cookie and ran the other way. The older girl caught her, pinned her down and took it back. It was then that dad finally intervened.

I screamed, “Stop! Daddy will make more cookies!” Both girls looked up wide-eyed and waited patiently while I got on my knees in front of them and whipped up a baker’s dozen, doling out six to one kid, six to the other, and saving the last gooey, hot, delicious nothing for myself.

The almighty God of the universe created laughter and joy. He knows that it’s OK to pause and shake our heads at the crazy things we do as parents.

It’s normal to get on your knees to pray for your children that they would know him in a powerful way. It’s also normal to get on your knees to make a batch of invisible cookies to establish some peace in your household . . . at least for another five minutes!

Read more parenting stories, tips, and rules in Parenting Rules! by Ryan O’Quinn for just $2.99!

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Advent Reflections: God’s Government in Your Marriage

God's Government in Your Marriage

Today we’re starting a new advent series on the blog leading up to Christmas day. Our aim is to help you focus on Jesus throughout the busy Christmas season. Gary Thomas, author of many marriage books, will kick off our series with an Old Testament Christmas prophecy. 

The Bible is so powerful that one phrase can feed a hungry soul for days. The way God weaves words to nourish our spirits is truly astounding.

I thought of this when I came across a familiar passage used to celebrate Christmas, an Old Testament prophecy that speaks of the future Messiah. “There will be no end to the increase of His government or of peace,” (Isaiah 9:7).

There is so much hope here for marriages and families. Let me explain.

God’s “government” is his rule, his sustaining influence and providential work over our lives and this world. Isaiah reminds us that this rule will never end. God, unlike a politician, doesn’t have to get re-elected. We’ll never see him standing behind a podium giving a concession speech. His words are eternal, forever binding. No one can vote him out of office and undo one of his decrees. We need never fear the veto or rule of another.

It’s not just God’s government that will never end, it’s the increase of his government that will never end. God’s government, his rule, spreads. That’s what it does, by nature, and it can’t be stopped. So, if you’re praying for a lost spouse or lost child, be comforted in knowing that the nature of God’s reign is to increase. It never stops increasing. You can have great hope that there is always room for one more soul to bow down and recognize God as Lord. There is no “quota,” no limit to which God’s authority is confined.

This promise gave me hope to write A Lifelong Love: What If Marriage Is About More Than Just Staying Together?If God’s government (his rule and influence) is on the increase, then my marriage doesn’t have to stay where it is. Allowing him to be the builder and re-builder of my marriage, we can submit ourselves to him and say, “Lord, we tried building a marriage and family our way, without you, or limiting you. It didn’t work. Will you take over? We submit to your rule and your influence.”

I was challenged by Jeremiah 31:4 where God promises Israel, “I will build you and you will be rebuilt.” Could this work for a dead or dying marriage? Or even just a stagnant marriage?

Yes, it can. When God’s influence increases in our lives through worship, through one or both marriage partners growing in their understanding and practice of love, and in submitting ourselves to intentionally follow through on our vows made before God, marriages can be and are being remade, renewed, refreshed and strengthened. In short, it’s about putting our marriages under God’s reign, influence, and government.

In other words, what many marriages need is to get more into God so that the couple can get more into each other.

Christmas marks God breaking into this world in a dramatic fashion. Experiencing the increase of his government is about opening up our marriages to receive more of God—we surrender to the increase of God’s government instead of our own selfishness; we surrender to God’s aim and purpose instead of our own desires; we recognize the daily authority of God’s presence over our words, our thoughts, and actions toward each other.

Marriage is about far more than just staying together—it’s about sharing God together, enjoying God together, growing in God together, and when we do that, the affection we feel for each other, the joy we have in each other, constitutes not just a lifelong marriage, but a lifelong love.

There is great security, peace, joy, and hopeful expectation when we surrender our relationships to God’s government. God didn’t come merely to save—He came to rule. And He wants to rule in and through you, beginning with your marriage.

Drink deeply of God’s reign this Christmas season. Feast on the security that God is in charge, and not just in charge, but in eternal charge. [Click to tweet!] When you return from this meditation to reconsider your family and marriage, you just might live with a lighter spirit. You’re not in this alone. You never have been, and you never need to be.


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