Just Announced: 70% Off Father’s Day Bundles

Daddy DaughterThe next two weeks are all about celebrating dad. Every weekday through June 13, we’ll offer a new 24-hour ebook bundle that offers wisdom and encouragement for dads everywhere. For today’s bundle, get four fatherly resources for just $8.99 with the Wisdom, Prayer, and Laughter Bundle.

Wisdom, Prayer, and Laughter Bundle

1. 31 Days with God for Fathers: Powerful Devotions, Prayers, and Quotations Find encouragement and wisdom every day of the month with this 31-day devotional, specifically designed to energize dads with the Word. Covering guidance, contentment, discipline, and responsibility, these real-life, Bible-based meditations will help guide men to be the fathers God intended them to be.

2. Prayers and Promises for Fathers by John Hudson Tiner Get 150 Scriptures and prayers specifically written for dad. Every verse offers a compelling reminder of God’s promise to bless fathers who speak to him with humility and live faithfully. Covering compassion, protection, teaching, and more, this is a perfect way for dads to start their day and draw closer to God’s Word.

3. God’s Wisdom for Your Life: Men’s Edition by Ed Strauss What fatherly topics do you have questions about? Leadership? Success? Temptation? This easily digestible book dissects the 70 key life topics for dads and draws from Scripture to respond to each one. Each category is accompanied with practical application tips, quotations, and prayers.

4. Heavenly Humor for the Dad’s Soul: 75 Inspirational Readings from Fellow Fathers (and Those Who Love Them) With just the right blend of mirth and spiritual refreshment, these 75 lighthearted readings by fellow fathers remind you of the joys of fatherhood and the wisdom of our Father in heaven. Learn about relationships, leadership, peace, and trusting God in this inspirational book—sure to make you smile, laugh, and reflect.

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